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What Lingerie to Wear for Your Boyfriend ?>

What Lingerie to Wear for Your Boyfriend

zrIhmHjIt is said that a confident woman is a beautiful woman, but it’s also true that every woman has her secret. However, many share the same secret – the sensual sexy lingerie that can be easily achieved from different stores.

Confidence is a state of mind, and it’s easy to be so if you have the right dainties. It doesn’t matter what body shape you have because you can find something that is appropriate for you very easily.

However, let’s see what lingerie you can wear for your boyfriend, something that he’d really like to see on you.

Stocking and Suspenders or Garter Belts

The garter belt shouldn’t be confused with the belt that is thrown away to the next eligible bachelor from a wedding. The garter belt is that item that wraps around the hips and sustains the stockings. It may be the suggestion of naked skin, but this is a piece of lingerie that can be combined with almost anything else – sensual panties, corsets or bustiers. It is perfect for that special occasion such as sexy bridal lingerie

Hold Up Stockings

Unlike the socks that are used with garter belts, these are simpler, and you can use them without anything else. They have a similar aspect – they give the naked thigh, and you can find them in different colours and patterns.

The Corsets

The corset is a very appealing item of lingerie, and you can also find it in various colours and styles. They are made to push up the bust and to slim the waist, but they are not comfortable to wear every day. When you plan on buying this item, you need to make sure that it fits you perfectly and that it has a longer line; otherwise, your middle area will look wider.

The Vinyl Lingerie

The vinyl lingerie is for bold women who want to make a statement in the bedroom. It’s a piece of lingerie made from a very shining material, as it is for sensual items.

You can find almost anything in this department, from bras to panties, corsets with zips, or Basques.

French Knickers and Bra

The French knickers are made of lace and are up to the waist; they are pretty broad and end up on the thigh. The matching bra is made from the same cloth, and you can usually find it without the padding and the underwires. This outfit is very lacy, soft and feminine, not to mention comfortable and sensual.

The Chemise

You will find different styles and colours for the chemise, and even if it was designed to sleep in it, today it also has a sensual purpose.

You can wear them with nothing beneath, or you can add a bra and panties. Some are transparent, and some are made of silk or satin; you can also find chemises with lace cups or side splits, lacy and soft or with detachable suspenders.

The Babydoll

It’s made from lace usually, and it gives you the frilly, flirty and suggestive look. You can use the babydoll for covering up what you don’t like or to reveal your sensual assets. You can choose anything that you like, and you can MARDELLE-LINGERIE-PHOTO-3adopt the style that you want, showing or covering what you need.

The Bra and Panties

The bra and panties are the lingerie items that you can find everywhere, but they come in such a variation that it’s hard to choose something. A matching set can be suggestive and provocative, and you can use it to bring excitement into your love life.

Any of the presented items will make your boyfriend want to spend more time with you, so give it a try and buy something new and buy yourself some sexy lingerie!